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Wednesday, March 17th, 2004
6:15 pm
Meh. I’m tired. *shrug* Oh, well.

Racheal, you’ve GOT to keep writing. Or—I know! Write originals! You should, and have a different pen name so they don’t know it’s you! And only tell the elite who you are on there! Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Hee. Regurgitated bologna. ^________^

Oh, my Grannie Mae!

Ignore those, unless if you’re Racheal, in which case you mustn’t ignore the bologna—you know why. ^^o

*sigh* It’s weird. A lot of people talk about the beginning euphoria of being in love. But with me, there was no euphoria. There was fear, fear of being hurt and the massive potential of it, and a sort of claustrophobia for letting someone in my heart—I like being alone. And I doubt he even knows how seriously I like him. Or if he even cares. Although I think he could like me, but only slightly—sort of like when I’d liked Russell Yeddo. It was more respect than anything, but I also admired his personality. You know what I mean?

Nyah. And yes, I did update yesterday’s entry today.

And also, I got the thing for the classes I’ll be taking, as well as another financial aid thing. *rolls eyes* Wow. I’ll talk to Mr. Scanlan about that when the time comes. Just because I’m a bloody freshman doesn’t mean I need to be harassed about college. I worry enough without them talking about it.

Oh, speaking of which, just because I feel like it, here are my college plans:

1) Word of Life Bible Institute (it’s not an actual college, but it offers college credits)
2) Tennessee Temple or Bob Jones

Both options—and then I want to get a degree in literature and become a college professor—I love writing. And I’d love to learn more about the things that come instinctively to me due to extensive reading.

Bah. It’s snowing. I hate snow, especially eight days before my birthday (not that I’m counting down or anything ^^o). I hate it! There’s ALWAYS snow on my birthday! I have only had ONE green birthday.

Thus why TENNESSEE Temple. ^^o I’d been inquiring Ruth’s dad when I was on the phone with him the other day about good Christian liberal arts colleges in a warm area that had a good literature section that he recommended, and he only recommended four. Bob Jones, Pensicola or Pensicoya or something, Tennessee Temple, and something else that he didn’t really talk about too much. I need to look into them a bit first.

Meh. I had a piece of skin on my wart on my foot that was sticking out, so I pulled it out, and it bled. Forever. Seriously, the band-aid was COVERED.

Oh, yes, and happy St. Patty’s!

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Chibi Muse Update:
Shawn: *has just stubbed his toe on the cage, is swearing loudly*
Mina: *is hiding, afraid of Shawn*
MC: *wants to kiss Shawn's hurt and make it better*
Diana: *composing story with all of them in it*

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, March 16th, 2004
6:14 pm
Today was rather amusing. Nyah. ^^o I was rather hyper, I s’pose. Here are some excerpts from today:

Me: *ties a piece of paper into a knot, writes on it* Well, lookie who tied the knot! *throws it to Racheal*
Racheal: *unties knot, writes on it* Well, lookie who UNTIED the knot! *throws it back*
Me: *horrified gasp, reties it, writes on it* AH NO! Retie retie!
Racheal: ^^o *unties, writes “untie” on it repeatedly*

Intercom: Could you send Courtney Bush down to the Head Start Room?
Mrs. Mager: Sure.
Me: Been demoted, have we?

^^o And then I’ve had a few blonde moments today.

But it has been an overall good day, I s’pose. Ehm…lessee…I’m writing this in Word because I’m not supposed to be on the Internet unless I ask. Oh, I’ve got to look up how to pronounce my UserName (which I have forgotten --o).

Oh, and I like someone that’s actually in my own grade for once. He’s one of the only people I’ve had meaningful conversations with and we understand each other. Plus he’s cute and fun to talk to. I like having conversations with him. ‘Tis fun.

Oh, by the way, all, this is my secret LJ whose identity must not be let out. The other one is my public one. This one is my elitist one. If I give you this, you really must feel accomplished.

And holy CRAP do I have a lot of homework tonight! I had a lot yesterday, too.

OH! They let out school early today! 12:45. ^__________^ So I got home around 1:30. --o How annoying it is to have a long bus ride with a collection of people you dislike. But Tracy and I had a conversation and she tried to convince me to ask the guy I like out. Meh. No. He likes Katie, plus he likes singleness. I’ve heard him say both. Plus whenever Katie would tell him on the way to Montreal that me and him should go out, he continually said no. *le sigh* But I really like him and I’m not quite sure just what to do. Maybe I’ll give him the URL for this and let him read this entry.

Sometimes I wonder about my purpose for liking him, though. Maybe my heart’s just more susceptible to him because I’ve had conversations with meaning to them with him, and I never have with any other guy. I mean, we talk about controversial issues like homosexuality and things like that, and our opinions have only disagreed a few times. And maybe I’m just looking for something to cling to when I’m losing a lot of my RL friends, because what I need from a friendship is not what I’m getting from them and they are really beginning to irk me. Racheal is the only one from their crowd that I really want to “keep,” per se, because she too can actually be serious and a lot of the others cannot. Especially she-who-must-not-be-named. (That would be Kacey—our friendship is dying and I think it’s beyond the point of no return now. *sigh* Which really sucks because for a long time I depended solely on her for what I needed for friendship and now it hurts extremely to sever the cords. Imagine trying to cut off your hand with a butter knife and you have how it feels.)

I think I’ll make this a friends-only journal. But first I need to think of an image. Hmm…I think I’ll see if I can find a picture of a waterfall. ^^o I like waterfalls, and some random quizzie says that that’s the natural wonder/disaster I am. Waterfalls are pretty, so I can handle that.
Monday, March 15th, 2004
4:44 pm
Oh, I forgot to mention that this is Britt, didn't I? ^^o

And my new thingie means 'eternal mist' in Gaelige.

~*~*~Chibi Muse Update~*~*~

Mina: Would you like something to drink, Britt-chan?
Britt: Sure! ^^o
Shawn: *glares at Mina*
Mina: *cowers*
MC: *staring at Shawn, who is unaware*
Diana: Hey, wanna hear a story?
Shawn: *yawns* I guess.
MC: Of course I would! *smiles*

Current Mood: happy
4:39 pm
All right, as I felt like creating characters so I can have a Chibi Muse update, I decided to make some. Tiffany is already on there, and I’m creating some new ones.

Benjamina Sans Suorte: Usually known as Benny or Mina, she has long, light brown hair that she has a tendency to hide behind, and big, honey colored, frightened eyes. She is afraid to let anyone get close to her, but lives to serve people. She describes herself as being “permanently behind the scenes.” Sometimes she rejects it, and all she wants is to feel that she’s loved by someone else, but she’s afraid to let someone get too close to her. She, unlike the other characters, is not kept in a cage and is usually the soft-spoken diplomat between Brittany and the other muses. She amuses herself by observing the others to see if any of them have a need.

Shawn Johannes Meten: The “bad boy” of the group, Shawn has black hair that falls into his eyes with a careless grace. His eyes are a stormy brownish green, and he has full lips. He has pale skin, and is a goth with a mouth that shocks Mina terribly. As a result, she is extremely quiet around him, and he makes fun of her, trying to get her to loosen up but instead hurting her unknowingly. He never does anything if it’s suggested he “ought to do it.” He abhors being told what to do and is usually lounging about carelessly, musing the queerness of human society.

Marie-Claire Anne Serens: She is usually abbreviated as MC. She has an overwhelming sense of propriety. She always sits up perfectly straight, with her hands crossed upon her lap. She is extremely responsible and likes to amuse herself by observing Shawn, who she has a curious crush upon. Knowing her own personality surprisingly well, she knows that if she didn’t love Shawn, she’d hate him. He is too irresponsible for a girl who likes to organize her books by genre and author and alphabetical order all at once to be indifferent towards.

Diana Artemis Stevens: Diana has long curly blonde hair like rays of sunshine that fall down a tanned face. She appears to be a prep, but she does not act like one. Fashion and make-up are not at all a part of who she is. In fact, if you pay attention to what she wears and to the teen magazines, she only wears what she likes that’s fashionable, or unfashionable. She has freckles on her face and bright blue eyes and likes to laugh and to make others laugh. She is a talented storyteller and is usually put in the center of the cage arrangement if it needs to be made.

Maybe there will be more to come! =)
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